The Multicultural Transformation Team (MTT) is charged with helping Pacific Unitarian Universalist Church fight systemic racism and other forms of oppression. The MTT focuses on increasing congregational understanding of how we are participating in and perpetuating systemic racism. We promote spaces to include non-dominant cultures in our community and uplift their voices. As a standing committee of Pacific Unitarian, the MTT reports to the Board of Trustees periodically and works in tandem with other church committees to ensure everyone is being heard and included. Regular MTT meetings are held on zoom every Sunday 1-2:30 p.m.

The MTT comprises up to 15 members who are self-nominated or appointed by the Board. The executive committee (chair, vice chair and secretary-treasurer) is responsible, with the minister, for guiding the Multicultural Outreach and Religious Education Director in their outreach and program administration roles. Members of the MTT are Vivien Hao, chair; Lee Ann Hart, vice chair, Kimberly Pratto-Storr, secretary-treasurer; Tara Unverzagt; Melissa Tyrrell; Andrea Matson-DeKay; Ben Cowen; Gary Hart; Kellie Kinsman; and Rev. Steve Wilson. Contact them at

Video Testimonials from the Anti-Racist Transformation Team.