A new Vision in the UUA and our Spirit Grant for $100,000!!

As many of you know,  Pacific Unitarian had organized Sunday zoom meetings that were open to the entire congregation at the beginning of the pandemic.  After George Floyd was murdered, many of us were raw with emotion.   During this period of lively discussions, we committed to a deeper dive to try to learn more about what was happening and what we could do about it.  This started with an 11-Step Guide to Understanding Race, Racism and White Privilege, where we met weekly to unpack our own unexamined biases. 

This led to another deeper-dive commitment to understand why diverse membership is lacking in our own church.  We discussed each chapter of the book Mistakes and Miracles by Nancy Palmer Jones and Karin Lin, who were in our service April 25th.  This helped us learn what other congregations were doing to address their own implicit bias and institutional racism, how it’s hurting membership, and why many UU congregations do not reflect the true diversity of their community.

After meeting weekly for over a year now, our Pacific Unitarian group is committed to intentional action. Amidst this ongoing journey, we were made aware of a UU Spirit Level Grant to assist congregations committed to unraveling this institutional racism. We applied for this grant with the goal of bringing in a dedicated person who could forge a path toward multiculturalism with us.  Of the many congregations that applied, we are proud to stand here today to tell you that Pacific Unitarian Church was one of the few awarded this grant.  

In order to get this $50,000 each of the next two years, we need to match these funds to show our commitment to social justice and anti-oppression. We have financial gifts left to Pacific Unitarian that will help to match and we have a Religious Education Director already in our budget. 

This grant will help us to jumpstart and join with the UUA to chart a new path to create a faith movement where people of all backgrounds and identities can thrive to challenge systems of oppression, patriarchy, and white supremacy at all levels.