Religious Education

Our Religious Education (RE) programming is a crucial part of our mission to value people and encourage their spiritual, ethical and intellectual development.

religious education - Pacific Unitarian gazebo

At Pacific Unitarian, we nurture our members, children and adults alike, to be both loving-hearted and critically-minded people. Our children’s RE spans from our youngest in the nursery up to our graduating seniors. From our early elementary school age children in our Pixies program, to our teen Voyagers, we look to inspire minds and hearts rather than fill heads.

We also have childcare available for children 5-years and under from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.

Our children’s programming includes studying different world religions, applying concepts through fun science projects, cultivating self-reflection modeled in our weekly children’s chalice sharing, and fostering engagement in social action for the homeless.

Our middle and high school programs include:

  • O.W.L. (Our Whole Lives) - Lifespan sexuality education covering healthy relationships, decisions and behavior. Taught by specially trained facilitators. Four programs offered for school age (K-12) and three programs for adults (young adults, adults, older adults). Parents attend 4 hours of training and the youth participate in close to 40 hours of interactive classes with lots of activities.
  • Coming of Age - This is a program that helps youth think about their values, with the help of mentors, often over a year but can be truncated. It culminates in service designed by the adolescents themselves where they present their own personal credos to the congregation.  Offered for elementary, middle, high schoolers, and young adults
  • Bridging - Often a year long program for seniors bridging from youth to young adulthood helping them with that process through activities and projects. It culminates in a special service. 
Jewell MOED with teens

Our comprehensive Adult Programming provides a plethora of activities, such as meditation training, a spiritual memoir writing class, and a monthly book group to name a few. Additionally, our Seekers group is an open gathering of people who enjoy exploring the edge of where reason and science meet the world of religion and psychology. There is always something new under the sun for engaged adults at Pacific Unitarian.

Email Pacific Unitarian's Religious Education Committee for more information.

Religious Education Events