September 9th: PUC’s Water In-Gathering Service: Water, Water, Everything.

Today, we gather back into our beloved Sanctuary with water from summer ready to share a bit about our journeys or more importantly about our hopes for the year ahead.  On this ingathering day we will speak about water’s versatility, honor the four directions, and welcome ourselves formally back together for a new church year.  Note-This service is multi-generational & participatory.  There will be no RE offered.

September 16th: The Seven Principles on Broadway

Values and principles to be effective they have to be conveyed in a more flexible more subtle way. Today with the guidance and enthusiasm of our own Chelsea, Dan, and Lisa we will explore in both word and song the ways our own 7 principles have found form in Broadway show tunes.

September 23rd: Life’s 5 Secrets

Based on the book of the same title by John Izzo, today Rev. Steve will summarize a book that has gathered the wisdom more than 200 happy seniors from around the world have compiled as wisdom.