July 29th: Retired Psychology Professor Beverly Fridley

PUC’s own Beverly Fridley, is a professional therapist and author of the book, “Direct Your Life with Musical Thinking.” She will bring a sampling of some of the wisdom and techniques she has uncovered about how the power of music and a single life-directing word or phrase can change your life.

August 5th: Lion Tamer, Astronaut, and Liar Rev. Steve Wilson

The first of two annual auction winners will select a topic for Rev. Steve to preach on.

August 12th: Rev. Steve and Participants

Lifted from the book, Six Word Memoirs, this service employs prompts from famous and infamous six-word memoirs to summarize our nature and life experience in a short phrase. In this fun, participatory service, we will be asked to reflect on our uniqueness, complexity, and the importance of who and what we tell ourselves we are.