May 6th: (New Member Ceremony) What’s So Funny? Why does the Devil Hates the Sound of Laughter?

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. We are told that if we want to make God laugh, we should tell “him” our plans. In humor we tear down the self-important, break the ice, cope with imperfection, and talk about the issues we can’t take head on. Today we take on our title question “What is so funny? New Member ceremony May 6th built into the service. Rev….Keep Reading

May 13: Mother’s Day- Bargains and Property Disputes

This sermon pushes past the Hallmark sweetness of this famous annual Spring Sunday to quantify in the form of a Want-Ad all that Mothering requires. The natural tensions between each women’s role as a parent and self; the challenges between guiding children and letting them go; and the dynamic tension between “neglect” and “perfect” are all raised today as real and good Rev. Steve Wilson

May 20th: Pride LGBTQ/Pride Sunday: 81 Words: From Diagnosis to Dignity with Steve Wilson.

Today’s sermon is little more than a theatrical adaptation/rip off of This American Life’s, 2002 award winning radio program titled “81 Words.” Written and read by Alix Spiegel, the story walks us through the very human twists, turns, oddities and quirks of how the American Psychiatric Association (APA) got to the decision in 1973 to remove the 81 words that defined homosexuality as a mental disorder.