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Rev. Steve Wilson

Rev. Steven Wilson is originally from Lexington, MA. He received his Masters in Divinity from Boston University and his bachelor of science at Ithaca College.
Steve is young in spirit, busy, and happy 50 year old.  He is progressive in his politics, and old-fashioned in his loyalty to a large core group of family and friends.  With the exception of five years respectively in New Hampshire, Chicago, and Sydney Australia, and now, here in the South Bay Steve has lived in the Boston area. But he’s feeling very at home in Southern California.
Of Unitarian Universalist, he says that “We as a tradition have a commitment to know and speak of the unknowable deepest truths of life, to hold the vision that there are always more marvelous, important, and provocative things at work than the critical mind will see.”
Randy Kokal
Director of Religious Education
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Office Administrator
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Music Director