Donating to Pacific Unitarian

Donating to Pacific Unitarian Universalist Church is Easy

How to Donate

Pacific Unitarian is a 501(c)(3) charity—all donations are fully tax deductible!

We appreciate ALL donations! Using an electronic transfer method (where the money goes directly into Pacific Unitarian’s bank account) is preferred. It saves volunteer time and increases the accuracy of transactions. Donations can be either one-time or recurring. No matter what method you choose, if you’d like to make sure your donation goes where it is intended to go please make sure to note where the donation should be directed

Below we list the main ways that you can donate and explain what funds you can donate to. If you’d like to make sure your donation goes to a specific fund, please include a memo (Pledge, Operating, Endowment, Split Plate, etc).

  • Transfer

    Zelle Electronic Transfer

    You can sign up with Zelle at your bank to make transfers directly to Pacific Unitarian’s Chase bank account. Set up is quick and it is easy to use. You control the amount and timing. You can even send from your mobile device.

    • It is free for you and for Pacific Unitarian!
    • send money to
  • payment

    Bank Bill Pay

    Your Bank's Bill-Pay

    You can go to your bank’s website and set up monthly automatic payments to Pacific Unitarian through your bank’s “Bill-Pay” feature. Generally, this method will generate a check that is mailed to Pacific Unitarian.

    • This saves you the cost of a stamp and the time each month to write out and deliver a check.
  • PayPal

    Credit or Debit Card via PayPal

    • You can pay from your credit/debit card or your bank account through PayPal.
    • Or you can step into the office and we can swipe your card to take one-time donations
    Donate with PayPal
  • Check


    You can write a check to Pacific Unitarian–make sure say where to direct the money in the memo line

    You can deliver in multiple ways:

    • Place your check in the Sunday morning offering plate.
    • Mail or deliver your check to the Pacific Unitarian Office
  • Securities

    Transferring Securities

    You can gift appreciated stock and it’s a win-win! Pacific Unitarian gets the full value of the stock and you don’t pay taxes on any appreciation (you would pay capital gains tax if you sold the stock first)

    • Contact or for additional information and assistance
  • Bequests


    You can leave a gift to Pacific Unitarian Church in your Will or Trust. Please consult your Estate Planning attorney to support the church and its ministry beyond your lifetime

    If you need assistance, call 310-378-5449 or email Pacific or and we will be happy to talk you through the steps.

Where Does My Donation Go?

All donations received by Pacific Unitarian are assumed to be for general operations (Operating Fund) unless otherwise specified as one of the below items.

If you have something else in mind for your donation you need to communicate that to Pacific Unitarian. The easiest way is to fill out the Memo Field if one is available. If there is no memo field available, please contact Pacific UnitarianAdmin@pacificunitarian.orgto provide your instructions, we’ll annotate it in our record system.

  • Operating Fund

    • This is our general fund that pays for church operations, staff salary, maintenance, ministry, operating reserves, etc.
    • If you can only donate to one, this is the one to choose.
    • Donations to the Operating Fund count towards your annual pledge
  • Growth and Reinvestment 
    • This is our capital improvement fund that pays for campus improvements, deferred maintenance, and efforts to increase membership.
    • This fund repaved the parking lot and will be renovating the classrooms and Audio-Visual system.
  • Endowment Fund

    • This fund provides the church with a long-term investment for financial security, an annual income stream, and funds in an emergency.
    • Members often leave a donation to the Endowment in their wills.
  • Split Plate or Restricted
    • These funds may only be used for specific purposes
    • Split Plate funds are split between the charity of the week and the Operating Fund
    • Restricted Accounts are for specific purposes like the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, the Memorial Wall, etc and can only be spent on the designated item.  These are very limited in nature and include:
      • Camp Scholarships
      • General Assembly Scholarships
      • General Memorial
      • Memorial Wall
      • Minister’s Discretionary Account
      • YRUU Funds

Automatic Recurring Donations

This is an EXCELLENT choice for the church, as it keeps our costs in administration extremely low! Its also helps ensures you don’t forget a payment and keeps you in control.

In order to set up auto payments, you need aChase QuickPay account or a PayPal account. Chase QuickPay is free to use and payment is made from your bank account. PayPal costs the church approximately 2.5% of the total donation but does allow you to use your credit or debit card.

You can also use your bank’s Bill Pay feature and contribute to Pacific Unitarian directly from your bank account by setting up a one-time or periodic payment to Pacific Unitarian just as you make your other online banking payments.

Other ways to Contribute

    • Smile at Amazon – when shopping at Amazon, use instead and select Pacific Unitarian as your charity. A small percent of all your purchases will benefit Pacific Unitarian
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Thank You For Your Financial Support!