Dear Pacific Unitarian –

As we approach the holidays, we on the board wanted to be sure that all in our community had a place to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is true that we will all gather to celebrate Friendsgiving on that Friday, but it is also nice to share a meal with others on Thursday as well. 

Therefore, we are collecting names of people who can “provide a space at the table” for someone in our congregation on Thanksgiving day. If this is something you would like to offer, please email Donna Trimingham at between now and this Sunday with the time of the meal, your contact info, and the number of spots you have. Then, on Sunday, those who are interested in “joining a Thanksgiving table” will be asked to speak to Donna Trimingham on the patio after church.

If this match-up leads to just a bit more joy in our community on Thanksgiving, then we have accomplished our goal!


Robin Arehart, Board President