This is the last week for our November Clothing drive so please keep cleaning out those closets!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated! Through her charity Gift of Compassion, Angela Oh is creating a powerful network for advocacy for racial healing,  justice and migrant support. The Migration Support Network has been a steady place of intention for compassion and love to be shared across  borders. Love knows no borders. 

Gift of Compassion delivers monthly, support in the form of cash for food and medicine.  In addition, special projects (like the building of a school for the 400 or so kids at the sanctuary at Cañon de Alacrán) are added to the menu of options for how to help.  This year, a generous donation of $32K allowed the pastor and refugees at the sanctuary to complete the building of the school and now, the local government is sending teachers!  Next project:  a health clinic so that there can be privacy for medical exams and maybe even a dental care room.  Next, next project:  Children lead pilgrimage path to learn, to educate, to walk a path of love and compassion from Bolinas to the Border — stand by for details to emerge in 2023!