I am running for the Pacific Unitarian Board because I love this church. As a member of more than 25 years and a Board co-president in 1999-2000, I am well versed in the governance of Pacific Unitarian both historically and currently. I have served on Facilities, Worship, Pledge, Communications and Social Justice Committees. Since 2001 March, I have been host of two ongoing weekly group zooms: the Women’s Support and the Deeper Dives. 

Over the last 15 months, the Deeper Dives have morphed into the Multicultural Transformation Team, which got a $100,000 two-year Spirit Level Grant to help Pacific Unitarian create a more multicultural and multigenerational congregation. The discussions we have had regarding racism, inclusion and justice have inspired several Adult RE series and workshops around understanding racism, white supremacy, and how to enable UUs to truly live out the values espoused in our 7 Principles. To date, 20 percent of Pacific Unitarian members have participated in one or more workshop series and continue to do so weekly.

I have served in several ad hoc leadership positions that led to the implementation of Chalice Circles at Pacific Unitarian, purchase of new sanctuary chairs, growth of the Food Ministry, and the awarding of other UU grants to Pacific Unitarian.  I am a leader in the People of Color organization of the UUA (DRUUMM) which now numbers 400 nationwide; I co-founded the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus 20 years ago and was registrar for its first national conference in Oakland. I have brought workshops and speakers to Pacific Unitarian and to GA. In addition, have served as a paid communications director for the UU Justice Ministry, which is the Sacramento-based political advocacy non-profit affiliate with California UU congregations.

I am a committed UU evangelist, who believes that our saving faith is too good to keep secret. To thrive and grow, Pacific Unitarian needs passionate, visionary, responsive and accountable leaders who take their volunteer roles seriously. I am prepared to model this leadership as a member of the Pacific Unitarian Board, should you see fit to elect me. 

-Vivien Hao