Amy is a mom of 3 boys and wife to Peter.  For the last five years she has worked as a homeschooling instructor to her 3 boys and various other children within their home school community.  With a bachelors in Biology she loves teaching math and science.  Before working as a teacher she worked in both Human Resources (pre-kids), and interior design.  With an interest in art and design she attended the Interior design institute and earned her certificate in interior design.  Hobbies currently include reading, pickleball, tennis, Scouting with her kiddos, and traveling with her family.  She started attending Pacific Unitarian about two years ago and right away felt at home in this accepting and thoughtful community.  Holding hands at the end of service reminded her of holding hands at the dinner table in her grandmother’s home when they said grace at dinner.  Since joining Pacific Unitarian Amy has worked in the garden with her boys, helped out on maintaining the trail, and attended the Living your Purpose and Antiracism classes.  She looks forward to bringing her perspective to the Pacific Unitarian board if elected.