“ViVi’s Laundry” on 22839 South Figueroa Street in Carson. 

Even though, we are not assisting people with their laundry inside the building, we are continuing to offer the opportunity for those in need of a little financial assistance to have the dignity of clean clothes.  Presently, Janet and Andy Kissner safely sit outside the laundromat and offer quarters and detergent for people washing their own clothes. So, currently we do not need volunteers. However, people can—and we encourage that you do—contribute by donating money/quarters, purchasing pod laundry detergent. We tell people all the time Laundry Love is our best hands-on ministry, and once we can get back in to assisting our folks it will be even more hands-on again.  Please consider contacting Janet Kissner or Rev. Steve for opportunities to contribute to this most simple and practical act of building the world of compassion we want to live in.

Please add a note/memo (laundry love) to your donation.