Angela & Tu-2 are back for more healing and justice:  
Nearly all of us were present for the Black/AAPI Healing Circle that Angela Oh and the artist Tu-2 brought to us on July 11th. They have become nearly regulars on Sundays, and real collaborators on our journey toward becoming more multicultural.  The latest layered collaboration between Pacific Unitarian and Gift of Compassion is an upcoming dinner series titled “We See You (and You)” hosted by the Black/AAPI Healing Circle.

So, as planned on four Sunday evenings this Fall from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, (to be exact, October 3rd, October 17th, November 14th, and December 12), Gift of Compassion (GoC) will have a chef who will curate dinner boxes/bento boxes so there are individual meals. The goal of these dinners is to create relationships and deepen awareness about anti-Black racism, racialized violence, and to build new visions for our common destiny.

This is a fundraiser for GoC. All the logistics for reserving and gathering donations will be handled by GoC’s fiscal sponsor, Commonweal (  

The donation for being a part of this series of four Sunday suppers and conversations is $200.  What a deal for delicious bentos and a chance to meet new people who care about our relations! 

GoC, in collaboration with Commonweal, is paying the chef and covering food costs, creating artwork as gifts, and covering the cost of administration to make this all happen.  This event is co-sponsored by Pacific Unitarian, the Black/AAPI Healing Circle, Shadetree Multicultural Foundation, and the Whitman Institute. 

There is an expectation of 75-80 guests, with the hope of finding a way to virtually host 20-25 more attendees. 20 slots will be available to Pacific Unitarian members and friends. Remember, this is not exclusively a Pacific Unitarian event, and people are asked to contact Gift of Compassion. Again, tickets are $200, and you can register at or