Chalice Circles Want You to Join Small-Group Ministry:  
If you want to get to know fellow Pacific Unitarian members more deeply, why not join a small-group ministry called a Chalice Circle? You can help start a new circle or join one of the four existing circles that have openings. The time/date is flexible, and location can be on zoom or in person at church or group members’ homes. Monthly meetings with 8-10 other UUs help new members and old become better acquainted and provide us an opportunity to talk about deep subjects, such as love, hope, death, faith, climate change, racism, and other relevant issues of the day. Please state your preference for day of the week and time so we can slot you in. Commitment is to join the group for at least one year, so 10 meetings (December and August are dark) starting in September. Contact Judi Carter or Vivien Hao