Jeff Lundin:  Jeff Lundin has been attending Pacific Unitarian with his family for about two years. Jeff is a gamer, a coder, and a philosopher. He enjoys online role-playing games, learning new computer languages such as Python, and spending time outdoors. He is involved in a Pacific Unitarian Chalice Circle and the men’s support group. Jeff is interested in church events for young adults and philosophical discussions of all types.

Amy Pham: Amy Pham has been attending Pacific Unitarian for about two years. She and her husband have three children: Jet age 15, Jax age 13, and Jace age 9. Amy makes use of her undergrad degree in Biology as a science teacher in her homeschooling community for her two younger boys. In her “before kids” life, Amy was first an interior designer and then a human resource professional. Right now, she is in graduate school again, with the goal of being a nurse practitioner for mental health. In her “spare time,” Amy likes to cook and read. She enjoyed participating in Laundry Love before the lockdown and looks forward to becoming more involved at church after we return.

Dr. Dale Stuart: Dr. Dale Stuart is a Pacific Unitarian returning member whose drive to live passionately is an inspiration to many. She’s had full careers as first a successful aerospace engineer and then as a seven-time world champion skydiver. Currently, Dale is a private practice clinical psychologist and speaker, specializing in supporting the unique social and emotional needs of the gifted. Her other current passions include fine art photography, bread making, and quilting. She looks forward to chats on the patio again soon.

Suzanne Lewsadder:  Suzanne Lewsadder is a Southern California native and businesswoman who has run three separate companies in her lifetime. For the past twenty-two years, Suzanne has headed Sheer Vision, a Rolling Hills company which provides small medical devices primarily for dental and medical markets. Some of you may recognize her previous business as well: Dessert of the Month Club, an international gourmet dessert mail-order company. Since joining us about a year and a half ago, Suzanne has become an enthusiastic participant in many of our adult RE programs, whether in-person or via zoom.

Dr. Frank Adams and Dr. Maureen Swenson:  Dr. Frank Adams and Dr. Maureen Swenson moved to the LA area about eight years ago from Texas to be near grandchildren. Dr. Adams retired from being an in-hospital gastroenterologist last year, but Dr. Swenson continues to practice family medicine with Kaiser. Frank and Maureen love walking with grandchildren and listening to music. Maureen enjoys gardening and tutors through School on Wheels. Frank volunteers for CASA, a program for foster youth, and along with Maureen, for Rainbow Services and health clinics. They have been active with the adult RE program, Frank particularly in the anti-racist deeper dive meetings. 

Debbie Murphy:  Debbie Murphy is a returning member who many of you remember moved away for a time for her kidney and liver transplant. Her late son Chris went through the Pacific Unitarian RE program many years ago. With her health on the upswing, Debbie has returned to the South Bay and is ready to join us again. A former massage therapist, Debbie is currently a returning student with an interest in journalism. She loves being active in the church and has worked in RE and at the Welcome Table. At the moment, she is an enthusiastic participant in the anti-racist committee.

Ruth Stewart: Ruth Stewart is a retired librarian from Long Beach City, where she specialized in art and music and ran the adult literacy program. In addition to books, art, and music, Ruth also loves nature and travel. She is very interested in social activism and loves the intellectual stimulation and democratic basis of UU. A former member of the Long Beach church, she was drawn to Pacific Unitarian’s many adult RE classes and our focus on social action. 

Julie and Matt Hill: Julie and Matt Hill live in Redondo Beach with their two children, Andrew, age 10, and Aurelia, age 7. Julie is a mechanical engineer, and Matt is currently a stay-at-home dad who homeschools their kids. Fun facts: Julie has a degree in opera and is a public speaking coach. Matt holds degrees in history, chemistry, and biology. Andrew loves to read, and Re loves to dance ballet. The Hills enjoy hiking and volunteer at the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy where they serve as docents. 

Dr. Marie King: Dr. Marie King is a clinical psychologist specializing in psychoanalysis. She splits her grandma time between Pacific Palisades and Texas, visiting her four grandchildren. She can also often be found playing mahjong while humming opera tunes. Marie has been attending the French Conversation Group here at Pacific Unitarian for some time. She is also passionate about social justice and feminism and is interested in starting a consciousness-raising group addressing feminist issues.

Cynthia Rowe:  Cynthia Rowe practices family medicine under her maiden’s name, Dr. Fisher. She is returning to Pacific Unitarian after a good many years in the Unity church here in the South Bay and in Detroit, Michigan, where she lived for many years. Cynthia plays the flute and piccolo in two community bands. She enjoys sewing, quilting, gardening, and walking her dog. Cynthia is very passionate about her newly created local chapter of Zonta, an international women’s service organization. 

Linda and Denis Jensen: Linda and Denis Jensen became Unitarians in their hometown of Omaha in 1975 where they were part of a group of founders of an Omaha UU Church. They have since been UUs in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida before moving to Redondo Beach this past October. They have held numerous UU positions and leadership roles including programming, social activities, membership, greeting and ushering and finance. They moved to Redondo Beach to be closer to their two children and their families—their daughter and her family are in Hermosa Beach and their son, and his family are in Arroyo Grande. They visited Pacific Unitarian in the summer of 2020 and felt an immediate connection.