Dear Friends,

We have just completed a free 7-week, daily 40-minute practice of meditation and compassion. Whether you joined us once, or many times, I thank you for your participation, which has had an impact far beyond what you might imagine. I hope that learning and practicing Calm-Abiding and Tonglen meditations have helped you weather the stress and uncertainty of the past few weeks, and will continue to help you. 

Regularly attending group practice will encourage, support and reinforce your daily home practice.

  • expand time and space in your life;
  • cut through anxiety, despair and discontent; 
  • bring calm and clarity to your mind;
  • find kindness and warmth in your heart; and 
  • rediscover beauty in yourself and the world.

Tuesday: 7pm Calm-Abiding & Tonglen Meditation and 8pm Heart Sutra
Want to know more about life, the universe and everything? We are adding a second part to Tuesday’s practice. Following the 7:00-7:40pm Calm-Abiding and Tonglen meditation practice, join the 8pm Dharma book club & teaching.

Tuesday 7pm PDT
6:55-7:05        Joining Window
7:00-7:40        Meditation Practice
7:40-7:55        Tea Break 
8:00-8:40        Heart Sutra study & Dharma Teaching

Please email:
for Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode.

Joining window opens 5 minutes before start.
Please join with your name and camera on.
The meeting will be locked 5 minutes after start.
You will need to sign in again after the break.

Both evenings have two 40-minute sessions, with a 15-minute break between. The first session of each is Calm-Abiding and Tonglen meditation practice. Tuesday class continues with Dharma book club study & teaching. Friday class continues with Tara mantra practice and teaching.

Book club text: “The Wisdom Gone Beyond: Teachings on the Heart Sutra” by Lama Migmar Tseten, available from Amazon ($13-$40 depending on condition and availability). “

Suggested background reading: The Heart of Understanding by Thich Nhat Hanh Parallax Press, Berkeley CA, 1988.

We look forward to seeing you!

Meditation instruction is free. If you’d like to support the teacher’s time and effort, donations made online through Venmo or Zelle (424 350 8186) will be gratefully received. 

Dan Dempster is a certified Meditation instructor and authorized Dharma teacher. He is a member of Pacific Unitarian and lives in Palos Verdes with his family.

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Web: http://www.DempsterContemporary.Art/meditation