Dear Camper,

Oh, how I miss the youth campers filling the campfire circle on a balmy summer night to perform cabin skits, chant, and sing those crazy camp songs. I pass the fire circle each evening, and there is a stack of firewood off to the side of the fire pit, just waiting for the first group of campers to return to camp after COVID.

I remember distinctly my first family camp experience. I was in first grade, and my parents took us to Pilgrim Pines Camp in Oak Glen. Although the camp was only 15 miles from home, it felt as if we had traveled to another world. The moment I stepped out of the car and saw the gigantic spreading oaks, the goats in the field running freely about, and the woodsy theme of the camp structures, I felt like I had been transported to paradise.

Continue reading about Janet’s memories and observations on the impact camp has on youth and her tribute to outgoing Camping Ministries Director, Geoff Anderla. >>>

Be safe and stay healthy. I cherish you all.

Janet James

Executive Director,

Your Beloved Camp

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