Tell Us Your Story!

Everyone has a story, and we want to hear yours! Let’s use this time of self-distancing and self-quarantine as a moment to self-reflect as well as share our stories with other Pacific Unitarian members. I bet during this moment of silence you have reminisced/mulled over some memories- funny, poignant, inspirational or even embarrassing. Even though we may be physically distant , we can get to know one another even more; by submitting and sharing a three-minute long video story. Pacific Unitarian would like for you to send us your story.  These stories will be posted on the Members Only section of Pacific Unitarian’s website.

“Tell Us Your Story”- three-minute video guidelines are below.

Content:  Any story or memory from your life that you would like to share.  It can be about an episode, a character, an experience or even a difficult moment or a life lesson.  

General Rules:

  • The story must be true as recalled by you, some embellishment Is okay, of course
  • It must be told In no more than three-minutes Includeing your Introduction and closing (so practice It, time It and hone It before recording)
  • It Is not Intended to be a stand-up routine, talent show or opinion piece,
  • It should not involve much profanity or vulger references
  • Of course no disparaging speech about any protected group(s)- In keeping with our UU traditions.  No Insults or Inappropriate comments about any member or staff (we do notm have funds for settling libel cases)
  • No nudity or inappropriate visuals


1. Your experience (an episode) as a child in a community different than your own family 

2. Memory of a funny professor or friend

3. Your most embarrassing moment

4. An unusual experience in a foreign place/city/country 

You can digitally record yourself telling your story on your phone. Once you have recorded your three minute story please use this link to upload your video or visit our member section directly and upload your video.

Please head to our member section and view stories from Rev. Steve and Lisa Bragg Walker.

You can digitally record yourself telling your story on your phone, and upload it onto the website, or invite Steve to come tape you.