Why Pledge?

Watch This Space: This is the year of the UU Angel, as a whole congregation of Pacific Unitarian Angels taking action to save our planet and to strengthen the surrounding community: installing solar panels, setting a pledge goal that includes adding a solar battery and car charging ports, reinventing our social justice programming with a calendar full of activities and events to educate, engage, and start the ripple to improve the lives of people in our backyard.

We are also exploring religion and spirituality and inviting our community to come and share in the free and responsible search for meaning through our ten month World Religions series. We strive to help define our spirituality and our impact on our culture and politics.

At our core, we at Pacific Unitarian believe in supporting everyone, not just the privileged. Our voices are rising and we invite you to join in. When you add your voice, we become a choir of UU Angels, a choir amplified when we unite all our efforts & resources toward living our UU values.

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