It is our intention at Pacific Unitarian Church to respect and appreciate ourselves and each other, and so we enter into this Covenant of Good Relations:

  • Member to Self. We care for our mental and physical health; accept change and growth; and strive to know ourselves.
  • Member to Minister. We understand that the minister cannot be all things to all people. We share our feelings with the minister in an honest and constructive way, and treat the minister and the minister’s family with dignity, respect and consideration.
  • Member to Board. We communicate our concerns and comments to the Board, respecting that Board members are volunteers. We take responsibility for understanding church structure and personnel, and keep informed of church business.
  • Member to Member. We give support to and receive support from each other. We welcome new members and guests, and include them in activities. We reach out to each other in time of need. We address conflict in an open and constructive manner.
  • Member to Church. We support the church, financially and through service, to the best of our abilities.
  • Member to Staff. We respect the staff’s time, and help as needed. We support proper compensation and benefits. We clean up after ourselves and do not leave our work for staff or others to complete.
  • Member to Community-at-Large. In interactions with our community, we promote our church as a center for liberal religion; work for social justice for our community and the world; strive to contribute to the greater good of society; and honor our UU principles through our actions.