Understanding Racism and White Privilege in 8 weeks!
September 8 to October 27
Every Wednesday
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

We laughed, cried, and grew together in unexpected ways.  And we want to do it all again for a third time. 

The first real curricula we looked at as we proceeded toward what has become a formal UU Committee –the Multicultural Transformation Team – was to undertake this “11 Steps to Understanding Race, Racism and White Privilege” that we have repeatedly turned to as a primer for racial awareness.  In this deep and varied curricula are multiple short films and articles, nearly all in short, manageable bits.  These steps were developed by a high school teacher and writer who, like Pacific Unitarian, has a passion for Social Justice and Civic Engagement. 

This version of the Understanding Racism and White Privilege sessions will be led by a mix of leaders from within the Transformation Team. To register, please email admin@pacificunitarian.org or Rev Steve at stevewilson22@yahoo.com.

If you want a preview of this offering, please Check out the curriculum: 

Open to all – members, friends, and the public!