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 October 20, 2016
Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.
Child care is available starting at 10:00 a.m.
Join us for our delicious brunch after the service.
We welcome guests!

From the Interim Minister:

The cardinal virtues of democracy, it seems to me, are reason, compromise, and conciliation. These are the qualities required to make democracy run, to make it go. They do not require that contestants like the opposition; they do require--on some basic level--that they respect each other.
We often assume, when reading about the Founding Fathers and the likes of Abraham Lincoln, that the spirit of those earlier times was somehow more hi-brow than today. Or that the general quality of leadership was higher. But it's not really so. Some people may have risen above the crowd, but the crowd was not all that unlike today's: self-absorbed, easily deluded, and far more comfortable listening to like-minded defenders than to their critics. The biggest difference between our world and that of our forebears is the ubiquity of b.s.  We live in a world of phoniness. We're so bombarded by media nowadays that there's more of everything. Including more b.s.  And then there's modern advertising.
Think about it: by the time a typical American Child starts kindergarten nowadays, he or she has been lied to (been manipulated with untruths) hundreds of thousands of times! This is completely unprecedented in cultural history. Meanwhile, the same techniques that stimulate consumer desire in unsuspecting toddlers can be AND ARE BEING used to sell candidates and political hocus-pocus to grown-ups.
The remedy? Well, one answer is to attend PUC where you can hear thoughtful sermons, dialogue with conciliatory members and friends, and enjoy a respite from all the humbug. It will enable you to rise above the detritus and get back into the democratic fray with a modicum of personal detachment and good will.

See you in church!       Stephen

Jazz Service

A special service featuring music of Jazz Greats, with special guest Linda Alverez, Michael Saucier, Abraham Cervantez and PUC Choir.

Divine Diwali

Reverend Dr. Stephen H. Furrer
Religious Education
Upcoming Calendar
October 23rd: Children’s Chapel 
October 30th: Special Program 
November 5th: Harvest Festival at PUC, 1pm-5pm
Supplies and Library
We have an Amazon Wishlist! Help us add to our library and make our space more welcoming to young children. We’re looking for:
  • A pack and play or circle gate
  • Toys for children ages 0-2
Help with Special Programs
We are looking for fill-in assistants and people to help with special programs, such as Day of the Dead (October 30th) and Children’s Chapel (monthly on the 4th Sunday, this month it’s October 23rd). Contact Claire Moss, Director of Religious Education, dre@pacificunitarian.org.
See the bulletin board for updates and information! RE has the left third of the board. 
Enroll for Fall RE by clicking on this link
Member Spotlight

Robin and Jim Patterson have been PUC members since 1964. Robin attended U.C. Santa Barbara where she met and married her college sweetheart, Jim. Jim is a retired shop teacher and a luthier ( makes guitars/lutes). They have been married for fifty-four years! And, have two children: Stephen is a trial consultant and Dawn a high school English teacher. Robin and Jim's four grandchildren  are all in college. Robin has a deep love of music. She began playing the piano when she was five years old, and has been teaching piano for forty-four years. Robin is on the board of the South Bay Chamber Music Society which often performs at PUC. Robin also organizes a monthly Master Class. Both Robin and Jim sing in the PUC choir. Robin says they are totally committed to PUC.

Sunday Hospitality

It takes many hands to
make a Sunday.  Special thanks
to all of our volunteers!

Linda Jenson
Marvel Burke

Welcome Table
Teri Masters
Michelle Bethune

Top Chef
Margo Meikle

William Koelsch

Be a Part of a PUC Tradition
It’s time for the 2016 Los Angeles AIDS Walk and there are two ways you can help. You can help raise funds and join us walking on Sunday, October 23rd , or you can donate money to this important cause. Why not do both? Our special web address is https://la.aidswalk.net/PUC That link will take you to a page where you can make a donation. If you’d like to join us, all you have to do is click on the red “Join Our Team” button.
If you have questions, please contact Brad Shreve or Maurice Chevalier. Emails and phone numbers are in the church directory.

UUA certified PUC Green Sanctuary meets monthly, the second Sunday, in the gazebo, weather permitting, after lunch. We are men and women, mostly a bit older, environmentally bent and willing to water seeds, deliver harvest, interested in getting closer to the "independent web." RE students and Preschool friends tell of their time in the garden complete with bugs. Current topics include what vines to fill the empty arbor, how to graft to grape root stock, install native plants among the rocks, and plant seeds in the boxes of legumes and flowers.

We nurture and enjoy the food forest that includes avocados, citrus, vines, native plants and raised beds of perennial and annual vegetables, herbs and flowers. We have a drip irrigation system, maintain compost and use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Alden soon will harvest honey from our hives placed in the canyon. We share bounty with Harbor Interfaith and our own Radical Hospitality brunches.

Join the growing edges of the Green Sanctuary committee. Contacts are Ray and Carolyn Waters, 310-863-0712.  For information look for Penny Good, Mark Knudsen, Linda Jensen, Noel Hammond, Sylvia Lawrence, Penny Trunnell, Betsy Walters, Marvel Burke, Betty Saunders, Linn Jackson, Linnea Eades, and Judy Shaffer.

Everyone is welcome in the Nancy Hofland Permaculture Garden at PUC.  Mark your calendar for fall planting, Saturday, Oct 29, 10 AM.  Bring gloves.

(If you would like your committee/group to be featured in the View, contact

 Several years ago, we conducted a Growth and Reinvestment Campaign in order to raise money for several projects and needed repairs. Nearly $300,000 ($288,543 to be exact) was pledged at that time, which could be paid over a three years. It was agreed then that a project or repair would be undertaken only when sufficient pledges were fulfilled (i.e. the money was actually "in the bank") to pay for the project or repair in full. Since that time, $234,508 has been collected, which enabled the parking lot to be resurfaced, the piano to be refurbished, and, dovetailed with monies received from the Spirit Grant, improvements to be made to the grounds and classrooms. 
Three years is upon us, and it’s time to begin collecting on the outstanding pledges. We are now at the point where we want to start renovating the bathrooms, and to get to work on upgrading our audio-visual system. We currently have around $27,000 in our GRC bank account. Just imagine what kind and quality of bathroom and audio visual upgrades we'll be able to accomplish if we can collect on the remaining $54,035 in outstanding pledges.
There were 95 members and friends who pledged back then. Fifty-three of us (or 56%) have completely fulfilled our original pledges.  Another 25 (or 26%) have partially fulfilled our pledges, and 17 of us (18%) have yet to contribute anything. We acknowledge that some of these people have passed on or moved away, but if you are still with us and among the 44% who have yet to complete your pledge to the Growth and Reinvestment Campaign, please consider doing so now. 
You can pay in all the usual ways: check, cash, pay-pal, Chase direct pay, stock transfer, etc.  Be sure to indicate that the payment is for GRC so we can be sure to give you proper credit and to make sure the money stays earmarked for the bathroom and AV projects. If you unsure whether, or what, you owe on your GRC pledge, please feel free to contact me at treasurer@pacificunitarianchurch.org
Thank you so much for all you do for PUC!
PUC Member Joani Thompson sings with this chorus. Please come, it will be a fun show!
If you would like to publicly recognize your joys and sorrows during service, please enter it in our Joys & Sorrows book. The book is now located at the greeters table as you enter. Your entry will be read by the minister during the Joys & Sorrows portion of the service.

This Sat, Oct 22nd, CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS ON WILDLIFE, a public forum at PUC, 9 AM - 1 PM.  Sponsored by the Environment Priorities Network (EPN) and the South Bay Audubon Society.  Snacks served. Admission is free, donations welcome.

RUMMAGE SALE. Please bring your items to PUC and put them in the tent in front of the church. We need shoes, jewelry, books (ones people want to read) electronics, kitchen items, CDs and other treasures. Everything must be clean and usable. So clean out your garage, your closet or your kitchen and bring them to PUC.

Plan to do any shopping this holiday season at Amazon.com? If so, use smile.amazon.com instead. 

You get the exact same amazon but Amazon makes a small donation to Pacific Unitarian Church when you shop. 

Happy shopping!  http://smile.amazon.com/ch/95-2250196  
Do you like saving money?  Do you like working with people?  Do you want a different way to contribute to PUC? Then you would just love serving on the PUC Finance Committee. This committee meets once per month to help the treasurer and Board with many of PUC's financial matters, such as the budget, pledge status, and investigating ways to save PUC money.  For example, last year the finance committee was able to obtain a five-figure tax refund for PUC, negotiate a significantly lower rate for our trash pick-up services and help the treasurer with the year end tax letters. If you are interested in being a part of the finance committee, please contact the treasurer a treasurer@pacificunitarian.org
No prior experience is necessary, but an attention to detail is helpful.

Long time members, Sue Cutler & Olga Slavich, are currently participating in an art show at Malaga Cove Library. The reception is Saturday Oct. 15 from 1:00-4:00 pm with music, food and all the artists in attendance to talk with you. But if you cannot make it that day, come anyway on another day. The library is open daily except Sundays. There will always be someone in attendance to speak with you. Olga will be there Thursday 10/13 &20 from 1:30-4:00 pm; Sue will be there Tuesday 10/18 from 1:30-4:00 and Saturday 10/22 from 10:00-1:30. It would be wonderful to have you all stop by to take a look. Here’s your chance to expose yourselves to fine art!
Did You Know....You can contribute $$$ to PUC when shopping at Ralphs? Go to   www.ralphs.com  and register choosing Pacific Unitarian Church as your non-profit community organization.  Yearly registration started in September, so if you haven't registered/renewed since September, you are not currently participating in Ralphs Community Contribution Program.  Scan bar letters are available in the office for those who prefer to register by taking this letter into Ralphs when shopping and syncing up their Ralphs Card. It doesn’t cost you anything.  Ralphs gives PUC a percentage of what you spend there.

Women Reading & Responding Book Club
Third Monday of Each Month
11:00 a.m. 
PUC Library
November 21stThe Road to Character by David Brooks
Come and check out a discussion even if you haven’t  read or finished the book.

Contact Lisa Sites if you have any questions.

Playing in the Sage…  


“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
                                                          ----Albert Einstein 

Thanks Marina Kissner for all your work in the canyon.
As Haruka says “I LOVE IT!”
The children had a wonderful time finding the numbered items on the trail and stopping to talk about them.
You did a wonderful job.
To have your joy or concern appear here, send it to
or call the PUC office.  For information on how to do so,
scroll down to the
 end of The View.

You will always be directed to the right person if you email pastoralcare@pacificunitarian.org.

Who's That?
To contact people named in The View please see the PUC Directory which is available in the Members Section of the PUC website.  If you need the password for the Members Section, or if you do not have access to a computer, contact the PUC Office for help accessing it.  The phone number and office hours are listed each week at the very bottom of The View.
PUC's calendar of events can be found here.
The PUC Board of Trustees

                    Mike Buttitta -President 
                    Dee Masters -Vice President
                    Trish Botsko -Treasurer
                    Ben Cowan -Secretary

              John Einhorn
              Randy Ripley
              Tara Unverzagt 

Ways to Contact Your Trustees

This email is forwarded to the trustees, Lead Minister, Director of Religious Education, and Pacific Sage Preschool Director.

This email is forwarded to the trustees & Lead Minister (ex-officio.)


Mike Buttitta, President      mikebuttitta@gmail.com
Trish Botsko, Treasurer     treasurer@pacificunitarian.org
Phone numbers and individual email addresses for all other Trustees can be found in the Member Directory.

To request a Sunday morning announcement contact Gaberiel Gaynair

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