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Our spiritual theme for February is Good and Evil. If Unitarian Universalists can be rightly criticized for anything (hard to believe I know), it might be for not dealing theologically with the existence of evil in the world. Part of that comes from our Congregationalist heritage born of the best of 19th century sensibilities. After all, before the horror of the civil war, most Unitarians and just about all Universalists (who believed that all people go to heaven), looked at the world through optimistic eyes. "Onward and upward forever" cried the Unitarian James Freeman Clark as he surveyed the endless possibilities of the Great Western Expansion. (Of course, not so optimistic for the American Indians we uprooted or massacred as white imperialists).
Our first brush with evil as a faith tradition came with the American Civil War. Here was carnage on an unimaginable scale, brother against brother, blood spilled over self determination and the national evil of slavery. Still we managed to keep the concept of evil in the closet until we faced the twin horrors of the Holocaust and Nuclear War. Now, we were forced to face our human capacity for industrial destruction both as a nation and as a faith.
Attempts were made in the early 20th century by Unitarian theologians to understand evil as the absence of good. However, the perpetuation of willful harm in the face of goodness has made this position largely untenable. Evil, I and others have come to believe, is the dark side of our capacity as moral beings, driven as it may be by pain, fear, greed or neglect. Evil is, I contend, an equal force in the human heart and one that must be actively resisted through protest, education, and help.
Through out this month we will be exploring good and evil. I hope you will come to church and participate in the conversation. On Sunday February 15th and 22nd after services I will be leading a two part series on "The Problem of Evil". I hope to see you there.
With Grace and Grit,
Rev. John
Town Hall Meeting

This coming Sunday is another of our Town Hall meetings, soon after a wonderful service and lunch. This week, we will be considering membership - privileges, responsibilities, limits, etc.  To get the juices flowing, please stop and consider: 

            Who should be allowed to be a member?
            When should we say no to membership?
            When does a person cease to be a member?
            What does it even mean to be a member?
            Why do we value membership?

This should be a rousing Town Hall meeting, so please spend some time wrestling with these issues. I plan to post another file or tow this week, as we pull together some charts and materials for this important meeting.

Did You Know?

Contribute to PUC by shopping at Ralphs!

 Go to   and register choosing Pacific Unitarian Church as your non-profit community organization.  Yearly registration started in September, so if you haven't registered/renewed since September, you are not currently participating in Ralphs Community Contribution Program.  Scan bar letters are available in the office for those who prefer to register by taking this letter into Ralphs when shopping and syncing up their Ralphs Card.

 Please note:  Ralphs Community Contribution Program is a separate program and is not part of the eScrip Program!  So if you shop at Vons and Ralphs, sign up for both programs and PUC will receive a % based on the $$$ you spend.

 See Pam Harris or Judy Shaffer if you have questions or would like more information.


UU Singles Lunch
Saturday February 28th

1:00 p.m.
Elephant Bar & Grill, Torrance, CA

On the fourth Saturday of the month, those of "a certain age" meet for lunch at a local restaurant.   No agenda or special projects.  Just get to know other PUC people and talk about whatever is interests us.  Bring a friend…or not.  This month’s gathering, at Elephant Bar & Grill, is in restaurant row, at the intersection of Hawthorne Blvd & Torrance Blvd.  

For information about future UU Singles Lunches send Betty Saunders your e-mail address.   

Betty Saunders


The Women's Reading and Responding
Book Club

3rd Monday of each month
11:00 a.m.
PUC Library

             Feb: Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley
             March: Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler
             April: Water is Wide by Pat Conroy

Please read and join us!

Robin Arehart

Writing as a Spiritual Activity 

February 9 and 23
6:30 pm. to 8:00 p.m.
PUC Library
Drop in any 2nd or 4th Monday evening at PUC to share writing time.   We write for 30 minutes on whatever is on our mind or in our hearts, followed by the opportunity to share our writing and allow others to respond.  Some food for thought will be available to get our pens moving.   Drop-in.   $2 donations accepted.
 Bring paper or journal and pen!

Janet Steinberg


Harbor Interfaith Services Food Pantry

Think Spring!  Give your kitchen pantry a second look.  Please consider recycling canned goods and non-perishable foods to Harbor Interfaith Services’ food pantry.  Currently the pantry serves 25 people a day, 200 families a week. About 600 people a week. 

The pantry always needs peanut butter, jam and crackers, along with pasta and   food that can be opened, heated and eaten, like ravioli, spaghetti.  Also pancake mix,  canned soups, fruits and vegetables are always needed.

Take a look at the grocery ads in the Tuesday mail.  Every week there will be several grocery items & non grocery items at a good price.  All will be appreciated at Harbor Interfaith.

Items can be dropped off in the back of Henriksen Hall.  Ask an usher for help if needed.

Betty Saunders

It's Cookie Time!

Support Our PUC Girl Scouts
On the Patio

Plan to buy Girl Scout Cookies this year?  They will be available on the patio this Sunday for $5.00 a box.  You may be used to past years when you ordered your cookies and paid when they were delivered.  This year there is no ordering.  Select your cookies, pay, and take them home all on the same day.

So bring $5 or $10 or $15 or more.  Really, can you ever have enough Thin Mints?

Click here for directions to PUC.

Gentle Yoga Class for All
11:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m.
Henriksen Hall

A Class designed for all levels, shapes, and ages.  We will focus on a gentle practice through movement:

To help unblock your flow of energy Increase your mental and physical flexibility while releasing stress and enhancing body awareness

Poses and exercises to build strength, relieve pain and stress, and improve balance

Suggested Donation: $15/class.  Taught by Debi Robinson



February 1, 2015

Our Theme This Month Is

Sunday Service
10:30 a.m.

Child care is available starting at 10:00 a.m.

Join us for some radical hospitality after the service!


February 1, 2015

 "The Communion
of the Saints"

As we look to the future of Unitarian Universalism we have something to learn from our past.  We will explore how to understand our rich tradition in new ways for moving further into the 21st Century.
Rev. Dr. Ken Brown

Ken is in his 16th year as staff for the Pacific Southwest District.  He has been a UU minister for 41 years.  He and his wife Tommie O'Sullivan live in Santa Clarita only a couple miles from their daughter and grand children all active UUs.

February 8th, 2015

"In Thy Name"

On the evils society condones and how we change the narrative.

Krista Weber,
Intern Minister and Acting Director of Religious Education
Next Month
Our Theme Will Be



Come join friends in the PUC Library on Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 and join the Joys and Sorrows Circle.  The Circle gives a compassionate space for sharing and listening.  Organized by Sandy McNeil.


To have your Joy or Concern appear here you may complete one of the Joys and Concerns slips in the back of the Hall and place it in the box, or send it directly to

PUC's calendar of events can be found here.

It takes many hands to make a Sunday.  Special thanks to all of our volunteers!


Welcoming Trustee:

Judy Shaffer

Welcome Table:
Pam Harris &
Lee Ann Hart

Carlos Angeles &
John Einhorn

Top Chef:

Margo Meikle

Office Volunteer:
Patricia Botsko

This Sunday's Flowers 
are brought to you by 

Beverly Fridley

Flowers in our sanctuary

  • can bring joy,
  • can be a way to share your celebration or memorial,
  • can be a focal point of meditation,
  • can be a point of relief from a long week. 
Please sign up for your turn to bring Sunday's Flowers on the Flower Calendar inside the door of the PUC Office.

Next Open Dates:

March 1 & 15


Both Town Hall and Congregational Meetings are held in Henrickson Hall about half an hour after the end of the Sunday morning worship service.  Members are encouraged to attend.  Friends of the congregation as well as visitors are welcome to attend.

Sunday, October 5, 2014 
Town Hall Meeting
Improving our Covenantal Democratic Process at PUC

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Meet the Staff Event

Sunday, November 9, 2014
Town Hall Meeting

Making PUC Work for You - PUC’s Organizational Structure and Governance  

Sunday, December 7, 2014
Congregational Meeting
Report to the membership of where we stand financially

Sunday, January 4, 2015
Town Hall Meeting:
PUC's Purpose and Vision

Sunday, February 1, 2015
Town Hall Meeting:
Member Roles, Rights and Responsibilities

Sunday, March 15, 2015
Congregational Meeting
Spring Stewardship Campaign 

Sunday, April 5, 2015
Town Hall Meeting
Topic to be determined; your thoughts?

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Town Hall Meeting:
Budget preview and discussion

Sunday, June 7, 2015 
Annual Congregational Meeting & Elections

The Seven Principles


This is what binds us together

  1. The inherent worth & dignity of every person
  2. Justice, equity & compassion in human relations
  3. Acceptance of one another & encouragement  to spiritual growth in our congregation
  4. A free and responsible search for truth & meaning
  5. The right of conscience & the use of the democratic process within our congregation & in society at large
  6. The goal of world community  with peace, liberty, & justice for all
  7. Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part


Sunday Service: 10:30 a.m.

For Sunday morning announcements contact Clay Bosler at

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