Dear Campers and Camp Supporters-

In this harried world and at this crazy time, Camp de Benneville calls. 

It is the place where you can nourish, heal, and strengthen your spirit. You experience joy, love, and beloved community there. And nature brings awe and comfort as you immerse yourself in the wilderness.

You love it. Camp needs your support.

And if you’ll do it in the next four weeks, you’ll double your impact. 

We have received a challenge from anonymous donors who are asking you to join with them to support Camp de Benneville Pines. If you can pitch in and help us raise $50,000, your dollars will be matched!

$50 becomes $100. $500 becomes $1,000, and $5,000 becomes $10,000!

With your help we will replace roofs, work on the decks, and continue to improve the lodge. And together, we’ll make camp more accessible so everyone can come regardless of their ability to pay.

Thanks to our anonymous donors for their amazing generosity, and thank you for helping make de Benneville Pines a beloved destination for beloved community. 

Wishing you well this holiday season,
Janet James