We Have A New DRE

After a slow start, the RE Committee had a late flurry of quality candidates for our halftime DRE position. After many interviews and much discussion, the committee has extended an offer to Randy Kokal, who comes to us with all the experience we could want. He has been a three-time Interim DRE in the UU church in Costa Mesa; is fluent and actively working with many of the UU curricula our program uses; and has been a UU for more than two decades. We are fortunate enough to catch him, ready to shift away from a life as a fundraiser to follow a passion for religious education. He was simply a hard candidate to turn down. Randy will jump in, in early April and will begin working quickly with us to plan the remainder of this church year and strategize with us out and into the next. However, I speak for the rest of the RE committee in personally thanking our own internal candidates