April 8th: (Biblical Sunday) The Bible in 15 minutes

As the title suggests, I will attempt to explain, honor, deconstruct, and walk through the bible lickety split. If you are familiar with the concept of speed dating, this is an attempt at a look at the highlights of what every UU should know about the bible. Pray for me.

April 15th: The Edict of Torda & 450 years of Transylvanian Unitarianism

Transylvanian Pastor and international student Rev. Bodor Lidia-Emese will bring us a report on Christian Unitarianism in one of Europe’s early liberal religious seed-beds. Come hear about the place where religious tolerance was born, the Partner Church program, and the only Unitarian King reigned.

April 22nd: (Earth Day) Thoreau, Muir, and Me: Three introverts journey Inward into the Great Outdoors

It’s Earth Day and in tribute LA area conservation biologist and geographer Roy van de Hoek, will lift up the reflective journeys of the naturalists, writers, and activists Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and his own. This Earth Day service offers us the opportunity to hear about how a personal journey into the great outdoors, can lead all of us into a deeper sense of self, and to a literal…Keep Reading