November 4th: “What I love about being a UU”

Our Heritage,” “Our Polity,” “Our Breadth of Sources,” “Our Service Committee and Commitment to Justice,” “Our Values.” In this service our chief asset, our people, will be on display and serving up a personal potluck dose of why they love the collective us as UU’s. Note- Rev. Steve will be preaching at the Redondo UU Fellowship this AM.

November 11th: “Castaways”

Today, safe in our pretty glass box, we get a chance to explore what wisdom might be gleaned from a new TV show where strangers are separately dropped into the dangers of paradise. A favorite of one of our members, Castaways offers a vivid muse for the existential and social drama life always offers. This service is designed as an advertisement for our emerging Chalice Circles. It is also Veterans…Keep Reading

November 18th: Lights, Camera, Thanksgiving

The table is set, the Fall leaves have been spread around, and everything is in place to film the big Thanksgiving Day meal. However, filming is held up because the director can’t reconcile that the script calls for the presumed gratitude and good will of the big meal to be followed by so much abuse, oppression, and neglect. Oh, what to do?