Cleansing the Spirit in the Season of Renewal
This is the time of year the world celebrates renewal. Those who observe Easter, Passover, and Ramadan are meant to experience a renewal of faith. Spring is when life renews on Earth as flowers sprout and bloom, new leaves appear on trees, and animals emerge from hibernation. As Pacific Unitarian accepts a new minister, we too are experiencing renewal.

Rev. Chloe introduced the spirit of this season by talking about the Christian idea of resurrection and the Jewish consideration of dayenu – “it would have been enough.”

Now that we are understanding the “what” of renewal, join us this Sunday for an offering on the “how”. Pastor Joshua will talk about renewal as a cleansing of the spirit by connecting to what liberates, nourishes, and sustains us. Especially given all the spirit-deflating tragedies our world confronts, it is vital to refresh and reset our spirits so that we might boldly resurrect enough to greet each new moment with necessary power and love.

Speaker: Pastor Joshua Berg, Pacific Unitarian Candidate