CONGREGATIONAL SURVEY ~ Summary of Responses ~ October 2023

As part of the search for a settled minister, a questionnaire was sent to our members. We received a total of 77 anonymous responses. This summary does not cover all the questions asked in our survey. Thanks to all who responded.

Desired Qualities in a new minister

Congregants were given a list of 11 qualities and asked to choose the 5 that were most important to them. They are ranked below in descending order.

95% Presenting inspiring and challenging Sunday Services
70% Pastoral Role – provides and models pastoral care
54% Leading the overall ministry of our congregation
54% Fostering sense of community
48% Supervising the church staff
40% Prophetic Role – helps us imagine our future and inspires us
32% Encouraging Social Justice programs
32% Providing visible leadership in the South Bay community
31% Developing volunteers and lay leaders
18% Teaching classes and leading workshops
14% Supporting families and multi-generational ministries

Demographic Info

Here are some of the notable demographics. Please note these numbers are approximate.

70% Female / 30% Male
60% Married or living with a partner / 40% Widowed, divorced or single
10% Asian, Latinx or multiracial
33% Part of a multicultural family
32% Employed full time or self-employed / 62% Retired
50% Participate in some form of volunteering at Pacific Unitarian
43% Attended Adult Religious Education
10% Participated in district events or General Assembly
75% Partake in Sunday Brunch weekly or monthly
90% Feel Pacific Unitarian is open to change
95% Have trust in leadership