we want your input

We sent out a questionnaire to all our members on Friday September 22, 2023. If you have answered the questions, and Submitted them to us… Bravo ! Thank You.

If Not…..please do so now: click here.

The Minister Search Committee needs your help with its search for a new ‘called’ minister. We have linked the Congregational Survey for you to fill out within the next three weeks.

Remember, at the end of each page, you need to click on the word … NEXT… and at the end of the survey, you need to click on SUBMIT to ensure we get your information.

If, for any reason, you cannot complete the survey, we will be available on campus the next three Sundays to help you fill in your responses. If need be, you can fill out a paper survey, which will be entered into the database for you.

We want to hear from everyone and value your input. Thank you for your participation. If you have questions, you can contact