Social Justice meets on the 1st Sunday of Every Month @ 11:30. Bring your lunch to the library.

Mission Statement 

Pacific Unitarian engaged in an extended visioning exercise during the 2009/2010 Church year, culminating in the adoption of the following vision statement in April, 2010:

“We envision Pacific Unitarian Church as a shining beacon of music, laughter and liberal religion in the South Bay. Guided by our principles we endeavor to achieve this by expanding our religious education to all, continuing to promote social and environmental justice in the world, growing our outreach to our diverse communities, and having fun.”
Clearly, this congregation values social and environmental justice, and is committed to actively pursuing justice in the world. Additionally, a theme that was frequently noted during the Visioning workshop was to make Pacific Unitarian a “shining beacon on the hill”. As such, we have adopted the following mission statement for the Social Justice Team:

“The mission of the Pacific Unitarian Social Justice Team is to coordinate and nurture the congregation’s efforts to advocate, educate, organize, serve and witness for social justice in our world. We seek to make and keep Pacific Unitarian a shining beacon on the hill, illuminated by the light of social and environmental justice.”

The Social Justice Team will operate within the borader guidelines of Pacific Unitarian within the evolving Policy Governance constructs.