First Friday Social Justice Movie Night, August 4 at 7 pm in the Hall.

THE ABORTION TALKS follows the crimes, trial, and murder of John Salvi—and the story of six women, all of them leaders in the pro-life and pro-choice movements, who sought to ensure that it would never happen again.

These courageous leaders risked their personal safety and professional lives to meet secretly for six years under the guidance of Essential Partners co-founder Laura R. Chasin and mediator Susan Podziba.

The experience would forever change how they speak to and about each other. They would begin to engage in more cross-partisan efforts. And although they continued to disagree, together they successfully prevented future violence.

Dialogue participant Melissa Kogut, former head of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, calls this “a powerful documentary right when we need it.” Frances Hogan, founder of Women Affirming Life describes it as “fair, clear and intriguing,” and Anne Fowler, a pro-choice Episcopal priest, writes “inspiring, brilliantly told.”