I’m excited to return to Pacific Unitarian to start my second year of interim ministry with you. My vacation in India was a rich experience. We spent time mourning my spouse’s grandmother, seeing lots of family, celebrating our wedding, and sightseeing. I especially loved getting to experience six different faiths with visits to places of worship: Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, and Bahaism. The trip inspired me to learn more about Jainism and Sikhism. While on study leave, I read a rich book on the origins of Sikhism and reread our Pacific Unitarian summer book What Happened to You? I’m excited to share both with you through sermons and adult education discussions. 

The second year of interim also means I will support the Ministerial Search Committee and Pacific Unitarian as you embark on the hunt for a new minister. I appreciate that some Pacific Unitarian covenant groups are discussing the search and what they want in a new minister. I will also be working with the Transition Team to consider questions like the nitty-gritty of Pacific Unitarian’s staffing structure to the big picture of future mission and vision. Finally, I will be helping the board and Religious Education Committee hire two new staff members, a new Religious Education Coordinator and someone to take over from Lynn Taylor. You can expect to see the job listing for the RE Coordinator soon! The board also began to consider the question of Lynn’s replacement at their last meeting. We have a big year ahead of us with a lot of changes!

My ordination is September 16 at 3 pm. I hope that you will join me. Along with our beloved Pacific Unitarian community, there will be ministers from Southern California UU churches, ministers visiting from Alabama and Arizona, and even my parents in town for the occasion! It should be a lovely ceremony and party with lots of food to share!

Beloveds, I look forward to hearing how you have been over the last month. Please reach out if you need support or if you just want to give me an update! I would appreciate hearing from you.

Sending love and light,