It’s easy to forget you’re not hip anymore and don’t know the lingo.  It might even be true.  Language has been shifting fast recently.  Prompted by the obvious need for clarity, I wanted to stop and attempt to get us up to speed on some of the new words and phrases that are working to liberate and re-define the world. 

Noon on June 6th:  Town Hall Budget Review and Spirit Grant discussion.  Following the service, we encourage everyone to come in person or tune in on Zoom to a town-hall-style review of the Spirit Grant, which is the work of the “anti-racist transformation team,” an active group of lay church leaders.  This Sunday will no doubt touch on the way the Spirit Grant can and might affect the budget, and any changes we will be voting on regarding the annual meeting on June 27th.  Plan on many questions about how the Spirit Grant may affect us financially and culturally over the next year and years.