This informal group of congregants is composed of individuals who have been participating this past year in the 1 PM Sunday Anti-Racism Zooms.  We have learned so much through various videos and readings that we are motivated to expand our reach to our whole congregation and our community.  We continue to offer sessions to our congregation of the various curricula we have learned from.  Our goal is for our congregation to be more diverse, more actively involved seeking justice, and growing in numbers and commitment to our UU faith.    

Watch this space to share this journey of exploration and growth with us!  Current participants include the following and we would be happy to have you join us.  Just contact any of the following:  Vivien Hao, Melissa Tyrell, Kimberly Pratto-Storr, Lee Ann and Gary Hart, Ben Cowan, Kellie Kinsman, Andrea Matson-deKay, Tara Unverzagt, Steve Wilson, or Judy Shaffer.

Mistakes and Miracles

Saturday, June 19
10:00 am to 11:30 am
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Video Testimonials from the Anti-Racist Transformation Team.