Produced in 2015 by PBS’s show FRONTLINE, this documentary walks the audience through the journey many young people today face as they come to encounter their true gender identity. Following the story of four teenagers, Growing Up Trans respectfully brings to life the real time decisions transgender kids and their families face. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Our May movie titled “Growing up Trans” will be the final night of our 4th Friday Justice Movie Series. Over the last couple years this series without any outside advertising, averaged 10 participants/witnesses/audience members on any given month. However, we have not likely showed our last documentary here at Pacific Unitarian Church. We are pausing this series with the hope that fewer, but more exciting films end up being shown here at Pacific Unitarian Church. If anyone has both ideas and the sweat required to bring that idea to fruition should come talk to Rev. Steve, or Lora Childers.