Cottage Parties are the heart of this year’s Pledge Drive. They are Pacific Unitarian’s way of getting together socially to discuss how we’re doing and where we’re headed.

At each Cottage Party a current or recent Board Trustee & Reverend Steve will  

  • Listen to your thoughts about how things are going
  • Share the vision for the upcoming year
  • Talk about the target budget that supports this vision

Come ready to engage in a fun and important conversation about what is in store.

You can sign up on the patio, or email your preferred date and time to

Thursday, Mar 7 at 7 PM – Kimberly Pratto Storr, Torrance

Kimberly will host a Potluck dinner for 10 at her home in Torrance (Walteria area) and will provide drinks and some finger food. Bring a suit; the hot tub will be heated!

Friday, Mar 8 at 7 pm – Judy Shaffer, South Redondo Beach

Judy will host dessert and wine for 8 people at her home in South Redondo Beach.

Saturday, Mar 9 at 3 pm – Rev. Steve Wilson, Hermosa Beach

Rev. Steve Wilson will host 15 (children included) at his new residence in Hermosa Beach and will provide beverages of all kinds. Attendees can bring snacks if they choose. Please consider carpooling as Rev. Steve is located a half-block from the Strand and parking will likely be a problem. If there is time, we may walk to the beach.

Tuesday, Mar 12 at 3 pm – Ray and Carolyn Waters, Hermosa Beach

Ray and Carolyn will host 8 people at their home in Hermosa Beach. They will provide a buffet of afternoon snacks.

Thursday, Mar 14 at 7 pm – Trish Botsko & Mike Bechtol, West Torrance

Trish and Mike will host 8 people at their home in West Torrance and provide wine and dessert.

Friday, Mar 15 at 7 pm – Linda Shahian, San Pedro

Linda will host a buffet supper for 8 at her home in San Pedro.