Shots of Awe and Wonder – Camp de Benneville Pines of Awe and Wonder – Camp de Benneville Pines

“for it is easier to shout ‘STOP’, than to do it” – Treebeard, Lord of the Rings

Camp is A M A Z I N G.

If you are “on the fence” about going to camp, I want to encourage you to push yourself to come! If I had to name my top 3 reasons camp is so great, here is what they would be:

1. It’s an opportunity to disconnect. Between work, school, sports and clubs, cell phones, video games, Facebook — to name a few — people can get pretty numb. At camp our habits are in flux and we let some air and light in between those habits. Within the first two hours at camp, you can begin to see the walls of our habits come melting down.

2. Great friendships can be formed. Relaxing together, eating together, bunking together – this is a great way to become more connected! Going to a smaller “island” of existence with each other gives us a new tenderness toward each other. PROOF POSITIVE: You can see how strong these relationships are at the end of each camp. Campers both young and old get butterflies in the stomach knowing that camp is coming to a close.

3.  When we conquer a new adventure at camp, we now have a portable reminder of courage to take with us down the hill.  HEY KIDS – did you know that even adults can be scared at the idea of going to camp or doing a new activity at camp! I’ve talked with many adults – even chaperones – that were FREAKED OUT about going to camp! However, when they get through it, it is great to see what it does to their self-confidence.

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